Configuring PuppetLabs repository in CentOS 6

these days I’m busy in learning Puppet.

Here’s a tip, Puppet is available in the EPEL repository but if you want to run a newer version in your CentOS 6 system (64 bits) you can download it from the official PuppetLabs repository (there’s a different repository for EL 5). I’ve tested this steps in my CentOS 6.4.

First, create a repo file with this information:

vi /etc/yum.repos.d/puppetlabs.repo

// Add the following content and save the file
name=PuppetLabs official yum repository

Now try to download the puppet package enabling temporarily the puppetlabs repo (using –enablerepo, this repository is disabled with enabled=0). You’ll have to accept PuppetLabs gpg key to download the file.

yum --enablerepo=puppetlabs install puppet

And that’s it, you have puppet 3.1 in your CentOS system.

# puppet --version



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