Tip: Installing Windows Server 2012 (Evaluation) in OpenNebula 4 with KVM

I’d like to evaluate Windows Server 2013 so I’ve decide to create a VM in my OpenNebula 4 lab. I’ve read in this page that I’d need VirtIO signed drivers for Windows in order to detect the virtual hard disk which will store the OS.

I’ve created a template with the following storage (DISKS):

  1. A CDROM (PREFIX hd) with the Windows Server 2012 ISO
  2. A CDROM (PREFIX hd) with the Windows stable drivers ISO from Fedora
  3. A OS HDD virtual disk: DRIVER: raw and PREFIX: vd

After instantiating the template, Windows starts the installation. When Windows warns you that no disk is found you can load the driver from the second CDROM.


Then you have to browse the CDROM and select the SCSI RedHat VirtIO SCSI controller (WLH/AMD64 folder). Now the Virtual Hard Disk has been detected and you can install the Operating System.




2 thoughts on “Tip: Installing Windows Server 2012 (Evaluation) in OpenNebula 4 with KVM

  1. Bui Manh Tien says:

    I have a problem when I completed install virto driver:
    windows is unable to install to the selected location. Error: 0x80300001.
    Can you help me?

    Thank you


    • n40lab says:

      I’m afraid I haven’t found that error. When I created the virtual disk in OpenNebula Sunstone GUI I also specified that the datablock FS type should be raw maybe there’s a problem with that 😦




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