VMWare Certified Associate and free learning material

You may already know but VMWare has currently three associate level certifications (another one about Networking will be added soon):

Though there are no prerequisites for this certifications, VMWare offers you free online courses as learning material for these exams once you’ve registered as a user.

I’ve started to watch the VCA-DCV modules and they are really good! (maybe you can find your course in your language) and you’ll learn more about VMWare products and terminology. I’ll try to finish the online courses and if the exams are cheap maybe I’ll try to register and take the exams. This old blog post about the associate exams says that the’ll give me 50% off the exam… but maybe that discount has expired.

See ya!


3 thoughts on “VMWare Certified Associate and free learning material

    • n40lab says:

      You’re absolutely right. I’d like that RedHat certification exams were cheaper but at least the hands on lab is an important difference,
      thanks for your comment.


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