Openvswitch 1.9.3 LTS – Debian Wheezy

I’m preparing a lab with two nodes, one with Debian Wheezy and the other one with CentOS 6.5.

I’m not a Debian guy so I hope I’m not doing things wrong, but first of all I’d like to thank again Nicira Inc as I used the information included in the README.Debian included in Openvswitch’s recent versions.

Here are my notes on how I installed Openvswitch 1.9.3 LTS, but first a warning, you may find Openvswitch in the official Debian repositories or from Ubuntu repositories, so use this post if you really can’t find the deb packages on the Internet. I just want to help šŸ™‚

  1. Let’s install some development packages. If you have any problems you can try to install the build-essential packages.
    aptitude -y install gcc make automake autoconf debhelper libssl-dev pkg-config python-all python-qt4 python-zopeinterface python-twisted-conch gdebi-core
  2. Now we’re going to create a user, and “use” it to prepare the debian packages. Be patient, we need to compile.
  3. useradd -s /bin/bash -m openvswitch
    su ā€“ openvswitch
    tar xvfz openvswitch-1.9.3.tar.gz
    mv openvswitch-1.9.3.tar.gz openvswitch_1.9.3.orig.tar.gz
    cd openvswitch-1.9.3/
    dpkg-buildpackage -us -uc
  4. Now as root we are going to install the Debian packages we’ve just created and generate the kernel module. Remember to accept the installations :-):
    gdebi /home/openvswitch/openvswitch-datapath-source_1.9.3-1_all.deb
    module-assistant auto-install openvswitch-datapath
    gdebi /home/openvswitch/openvswitch-common_1.9.3-1_amd64.deb 
    gdebi /home/openvswitch/openvswitch-switch_1.9.3-1_amd64.deb accept to install 
    [ ok ] Inserting openvswitch module. 
    [warn] /etc/openvswitch/conf.db does not exist ... (warning). 
    [ ok ] Creating empty database /etc/openvswitch/conf.db. 
    [ ok ] Starting ovsdb-server. 
    [ ok ] Configuring Open vSwitch system IDs. 
    [ ok ] Starting ovs-vswitchd. 
  5. And now let’s if openvswitch is ready:
    # ovs-vsctl -V 
    ovs-vsctl (Open vSwitch) 1.9.3 
    Compiled Feb 18 2014 19:20:41
    # ovs-vsctl show 
        ovs_version: "1.9.3"

And… finished, or at least that’s what it seems.

Thanks for reading, and please visit my personal page if you want to hire me… for free.


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