VyOS 1.0.5 – A new appliance for OpenNebula’s marketplace

I’ve just published a new appliance. This is my second appliance for the marketplace and this time I’ve created an image for VyOS, the community fork of Vyatta. Vyatta was acquired by Brocade two years ago and no new Vyatta Core images were released. That’s why I’m delivering this image for KVM in case you need a Vyatta based virtual router for your cloud.

The image is available in the marketplace and it’s already loaded with a contextualization script that will, hopefully, configure the network interfaces with an IP address and add ssh public key for the vyos user.

The user is vyos and the password is also vyos. More instructions are include in the marketplace.

If you want to host this image so the download time is quicker please let me know. Also if you need my help or find a problem with the image don’t hesitate to contact me.

See ya!



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