OpenNebula’s quickstart for CentOS

Holiday time is reading time!. I’ve reading OpenNebula’s blog and I found there’s one quickstart for CentOS which you should read (I wish I knew that before :-D).

Also, it seems that OpenNebula is available in the CentOS testing repo and it’ll be soon in the official repos, so good news for the upcoming year.


OpenNebula (Part II) – Sunstone GUI

I’m a big fan of the command line, but as an OpenNebula newbie user, I’m going to use the OpenNebula’s GUI called Sunstone. Sunstone is built on ruby and it’ll be listening on localhost:port 9869 by default, so if you need to change that behaviour please edit the Server Configuration section in the /etc/one/sunstone-server.conf file.

Assuming you’ve installed the opennebula-sunstone rpm package, you can start the GUI with:

root@haddock opennebula-3.8.1]# service opennebula-sunstone start
Starting Sunstone Server daemon: sunstone-server started [ OK ]

Now, open your browser and enter your OpenNebula hosts ip address and set the port to 9869. A login screen should welcome you. Unless you created another user, you can enter Sunstone with your oneadmin user. If you wonder what is the password for your oneadmin user, it should be in the /var/lib/one/.one/one_auth file. In my case the password was a  random string generated by OpenNebula rpm installation.

And here we go, Sunstone running and ready. In the following post I’ll create my first virtual machine using an existing image using the Sunstone GUI.